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What is Electrolysis?
ELECTROLYSIS is a method of removing individual hairs from the face or body which works for ALL types of skin and hair.

A fine probe is inserted into the hair follicle, destroying the growth center of the hair. The hair itself is then removed (or slides out) with tweezers.  The treated hairs are permanently removed after several treatments.


Electrolysis and Skin Care Treatments

Meet me

Hi, I am Olga and I am passionate about people feeling confident in their own skin!

Been there, done that! I know from personal experience how embarrassing unwanted hair can be and electrolysis treatment solved that problem for me once and for all. This inspired me to study Electrolysis at the European Institute of Estethics in Edmonton, so I could launch Emovéo Electrolysis – my own home studio – to help people who struggle with unwanted hair like I used to.

I am a member of the Electrolysis Society of Alberta, as well as of the Federation of Canadian Electrolysis Associations.

Because of electrolysis, I no longer self-consciously need to feel for unwanted hair. To have it permanently removed is just such a relief!

It is my hope you can experience this with me!

Emoveo Electrolysis Edmonton Olga
My Studio

Welcome to my studio!

Conveniently located in Beaumont.

My flexible – by appointment only – hours enable you to schedule your hair removal sessions around your work schedule including Evenings and Weekends.

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